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  • Daily Blog offering organizing tips, trends, inspiration & more. Designed to help you have a smarter, happier and more organized life. 
  • Sort/Donate/Organize
  • Unpack/Set Up
  • Space Planning
  • Life Transitions
  • Home Staging
  • In Home Work Shops
  • Organizing Systems & Skills
  • Goals & Priorities
  • Focus and Motivation
  • Easy To Use Ideas and Techniques
  • Any Room In Your Home
  • Home Inventory
  • Photo/Memorabilia Storage
  • Reduce Clutter
  • Filing Systems/Time Management

Hello, I'm Autumn, the Owner and Professional Organizer at Windfall.  I am a busy wife and mother so I know how overwhelming life can be.  Organized families and homes are the cornerstone of a happy life. I want to help you create a system specifically for your needs and goals that will work for you and grow with you.  Let's get started! ~Autumn

Home Organizing in Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, East Larimer County, and Weld County

About the TSSI

Do you walk through your day completely overwhelmed with too many tasks and not enough time?  Do you struggle with getting organized, or keeping things too long? 

‚ÄčIf you answered YES to all these questions, don't worry, you are not alone!  My friend, fellow business coach and productivity expert Cena Block has developed this inventory to help you identify your natural Time Management and Space Organizing Preferences. Find out your natural preferences so  you can get your life in FLOW! Click the orange TRY IT  Button!

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